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what’s next in technology, does Redherring have the answers? December 21, 2007

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As 2007 comes to a close and the markets are debating whether a global recession is really just around the corner, it’s always refreshing to look at the future and what’s going to be the next innovation in this exciting technology world of ours. Recession or no recession – new technologies never stop being developed or launched.

Red Herring has just announced its top 100 Global Award Winners at the beginning of December in the US. It’s always worth taking a look in terms of which companies you have already spotted doing great things and who are the start-ups making an impact. There are definitely some nice surprises in there and some really cool looking companies.

The markets are perhaps not surprising and range from mobile and wireless (such as Actimagine, Clairmail and Truphone), security (Lifelock and IPLocks) through to TV, Film and video companies (Bablegum, Pandora TV and Joost).

At an EMEA level, another list that I always like to take a look at is the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA winners.

What’s always interesting is to see which companies actually last the course after this initial recognition and glory. Good luck to them all.




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