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Mobile Monday April 16, 2008

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I am no longer a MoMo virgin, having been to my first Mobile Monday event. Held in Munich, it was amazing to see how popular and influential MoMo is becoming. People had tried to get onto the guest list and couldn’t.

Mobile Monday has become a true brand. Both the industry and the media are recognising that the event organisers are THE experts in the telco space. The latest example is the article by Jemima Kiss, well known blogger and columnist at The Guardian, who covered a recent London MoMo.

It is great to see how big MoMo has grown since its inception in 2000. I first heard of it only a year or so ago. The events have the reputation of being well organised (I agree from what I have seen in Munich) and attract everyone from telco start-ups to the big brands. Companies on the guest list at the Munich event included Jamba, Microsoft and Netbiscuits.

The idea of organising events to discuss issues in the mobile space was first introduced in Finland where the first Mobile Monday took place in September 2000.

The founders of Mobile Monday decided to form a company with the same name in 2004. In the same year, Mobile Monday went international. The first chapter (subsidiary) outside of Finland was Tokyo, followed by Silicon Valley and Italy. Presently MoMo has around 64 active chapters and has 14 more in the pipeline. The next countries to join will be Estonia, Argentina, the Philippines and Malta.

We’re finding that our clients regard MoMo as an integral element in their communications strategies. If MoMo can maintain the high quality of subject matter and audience its reputation should remain high for several years to come.


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