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Mobile in 2009: Five Things to Consider February 25, 2009

Posted by kewroad in 2009 predictions, mobile.

A bit of a  brain dump of  telco issues in front of mind right now. Not an exhaustive nor probably surprising list. Expect lots of rewrites and updates:

1.       Cash is King for Operators

As the credit crunch reverses economic growth, the prime objectives for operators are hold onto profitable customers even tighter and ensure operating costs are closely scrutinised. The last recession spawned the revenue assurance sector as operators sought to maximise revenue and plug revenue leaks and gaps. How’s  this recession going to transform OSS/BSS? Will the hunt for new revenue sources make service operators happier to cut more MVNO deals? And ask their regulators to permit more network infrastructure sharing?

2.       Everyone is in an App Storm

Launch of the rebooted IPhone was driven by the Apps store concept. Handset makers & operators are falling over themselves to tap into the same vision. But will anyone make enough money from it? Is it just a defensive play?  Apps development is risky so expect more solutions to absorb the costs and shorten development and product certification cycles

3.       Falling out /in love with multi-mobile life

Latest market figures suggest over-consumption of mobiles is ending. The good news is that consumers value their phones and many are trading up to one smart phone with best all round features.  “The computer is the Internet in your hand”  model appears to entering the mainstream but majority of mobile broadband replaces fixed line broadband in the home not on the move

4.       New Growth Markets lend a helping hand

Fast growing new economies have been a reliable source of revenues for mobile infrastructure companies. A global slowdown questions whether this can continue. Nonetheless, India, China and the BRIC economies offer some respite from recession in Western economies

5.       Flight to Value

Trend towards managed services should be accelerated for mobile infrastructure vendors. But it is not without risks as operators are attracted by network and core network sharing deals, knocking out managed service provider incumbents




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