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Tech Sector “Faring Better” than Last Downturn March 10, 2009

Posted by suegrant46 in 2009 predictions, information technology, IT, mobile, recession.

Bright spot in US tech unemployed figures?

Bright spot in US tech unemployed figures?

Interesting article in the latest issue of BusinessWeek  that analyses the effects of the recession on the tech sector. And how refreshing to hear that it ain’t all bad! 

While sectors such as retail, construction and finance are being severely hit, US technology sector jobs are faring better than they did after the dot com bust in 2001. “Then, the unemployment rate of tech workers was over 7% and now it’s at 4.8%.”

 Given a lot of tech work is driven by US technology firms, that has to be good news too for EMEA.  The skill in any downturn is to spot the emerging growth markets coming out the other side – every recession creates new market opportunities. 

I anticipate that in addition to the obvious growth areas like cloud computing and the mobile apps and smart device market, the other technology areas to do well will be both backbone IT infrastructures that improve business performance at reduced cost and solutions from companies like Baynote that provide a richer user experience on the web as brands fight for online customers and seek competitive differentiation and closer engagement.






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