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Twitter – a lifeline for news June 17, 2009

Posted by fundamentalz in internet, Twitter.

News of the questionable election results and huge protests in Iran are spreading across numerous news wires around the globe. Despite measures put in by the Iranian government to block news coming out of the country, the volume of news still being published is incredible. Twitter has been a critical lifeline for these news coming out.

Due to the way Twitter runs, it is quite a challenge to block. While the government in Iran can easily stop access to the domain , there are a number of ways to send and receive tweets without navigating to the official Twitter website. This of course means there aren’t many ways to stop information coming through from thousands of individuals reporting on latest protests and developments.

It is quite obvious that the events of the past few days will stand as an important testament to the role of social networking sites and new media in the facilitation of political movements and dissemination of news on a global scale.

So, when Monday night, Twitter announced a temporary shutdown for network upgrades, it was actually asked it to delay the upgrade by one day… no wonder I couldn’t log onto Twitter last night..  but little did I know that it was in response to a request by the US State Department itself. More on the request to reschedule in this Zdnet Blog..


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