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Silicon Valley – shoots of life? July 3, 2009

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Is Silicon Valley finally showing first signs of life? 3 recent major news stories have led me to come to this conclusion.  A recent Business Week  article suggested that Bill Gates’ 90 vision of ‘information at our fingertips’ is now finally coming to fruition. The combination of cloud computing and mobile technologies coming together is turning his original vision into a reality for many businesses. This exciting combination is possibly one of the most significant recent advances in the IT industry and the next possible big wave for growth. Let’s hope so.

The next one that caught my attention was Oracle’s financial results with Oracle cheering up Wall Street by announcing better than expected earnings.  The acquisition of Sun will no doubt cause them challenges but in the meantime, Oracle is managing its finances well.

Meanwhile at the opposite end of the scale, Netscape entrepreneur, Andreessen, is about to start a new venture capital business focused on the internet, business and corporate services to consumers. He’s raised $300m and has the backing of other industry entrepreneurs like Reid Hoffman of Linkedin and Peter Thiel of Paypal.  So the whole venture sounds very credible despite launching during interesting financial times.

These green shoots of life combined with news that Obama’s government is investing $4bn in broadband…leads to lots of very positive thoughts on a Friday afternoon.

Sue Grant



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