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Women love their smart phones July 23, 2009

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From our US friends at Brodeur.

“It seems fitting that I’m blogging about women and mobility on the day that American pundits and politicians are tripping over themselves trying to figure out how to handle the beginning of the Supreme Court vetting process for a judge who happens to be urban, of humble beginnings, Hispanic – and a woman. Fitting because despite the tendency for the U.S. chattering classes to tie themselves in knots when it comes to gender and race, the latest research shows that the gender gap is rapidly disappearing when it comes to the adoption of smart phones and other mobile technologies and apps. Our research partners Yankee Group and Forrester Research report respectively,

“Of the 1,432 survey respondents 41% (583) said they were very likely or likely to purchase a multimedia handset with a data plan as their next phone. To me, this is a pretty astounding number… No gender gap in interest existed either with both men and women clamoring in equal regard for multimedia handsets.”

“More and more women are purchasing smartphones today: Just two years ago, 63% of smartphone owners were men; a year later, that number had fallen to 58%. Moreover, near-equal numbers of men and women are using text messaging and accessing email from their mobile phones.”

Hallelujah! As a multiple smartphone user and student of the real world, I can attest that women are just as passionate about their smartphones and what they can do as are men. Let’s take the distraction of the vanilla gender gap off the table, and focus on some of the subtle – and very significant – differences in usage, and what that may mean for communicators and marketers.

By a margin of 40 to 25%, women outpace men in demanding camera-centric phone capabilities. So we like taking pictures – but even more important, we like sharing content with people we already know. Facebook adoption tripled among women in 2008, to 75%. We’re the chroniclers and connectors.

But digital capture is not all about photo-snapping. It’s the basis of a number of location-based services, such as geotagging and navigation, and of mobile shopping applications (i.e., bar code scanning). We all know women remain the primary shoppers in our society, but did you know we’re also the primary ad avoiders? So beware of ad-driven mobile applications if you’re targeting a women audience. Throw all of this data into the mobile mix, and you have a potentially powerful recipe for consumption driven by word of mouth and social networking. How about a social network fueled by mobile photography and real-time status updates, where busy women are sharing great shopping deals or availability of products they really like and recommend? I’d sign on in a heartbeat if I could shave minutes off my after-work supermarket run – and find the products I really want at a price I actually like. Go, women on the go!”



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