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Silly Season dominated by (mostly) Madcap Twitter Stories August 11, 2009

Posted by kewroad in Journalism, pr, social networks, Twitter.

We’re in the midst of the UK media silly season. Serious news is supposed to be off the agenda because politicians and the media have gone on their long summer  holidays. Of course there are grim exceptions to this rule – war, famine, recession, disaster stories still retail well in the dog days of the summer.

Silly season stories are silly by definition (explains the elephant in a pit story doing the tabloid rounds). But there’s a  rich rash of Twitter silly season stories this year too. One good example spotted by the Daily Bulldog is Jackson-related. The other is less bonkers but has PR silly season written all over it – The Twitter Opera.  (NB  Royal Opera claims Twitter will help it reach a younger audience. But have’t they read all of the reports on Twitter’s user base being largely wellheeled, middle class and middle aged? Their deal with The Sun was more ground breaking but that was so last year)

Nothing wrong with this. In fact if you care about the media and it sells papers then all of this silliness is seriously a good thing.


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