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October 5, 2009

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I was recently asked to give my views to journalist Alex Blyth for a piece for PR Week on women in technology – have we finally come of age? 

From a gadget perspective, this new world has definitely opened up tech for women. From young female gamers who have been brought up using mobile phones, PSPs, DSs and playstations to mums organising their children’s social activities via text and communicating with their childrens’ schools over the web. You are now as likely to see a blackberry being used in the school playground as you are in the office..just ten years ago few women even had a mobile phone (unless they worked in tech).  In terms of social media this is also exciting for women simply because women love the art of conversation. From keeping in touch with friends and contacts via Linkedin and Facebook to sharing thoughts on holidays, families and fashion in blogs and online communities. It embraces all ages from myself at 46 to my ten year old daughter who has grown up with MSN, Facebook and now Twitter all as a way of communicating and following people (though I’m still not sure I should be letting my ten year old use Twitter) All of this of course creates exciting new opportunities for the PR industry with  many more avenues for ‘talking’ to your audiences and communities. However, a slight negative.  The glass ceiling still exists and probably always will. Look at the majority of boards of PR firms – even the tech ones – aren’t they still run mainly by men?  Quite often, this happens because women take time out to bring up their children, which of course is absolutely the right choice for some people – life is about choice.  As a result there are still few women running the large global technology brands. It’s probably still true that whilst the majority of account execs and managers and even account directors are women in agencies, the majority are men at the top even today.



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