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Microsoft Windows 7 Launches with a Successful Whimper October 23, 2009

Posted by kewroad in Journalism, Microsoft, pr, Windows 7.

Impressed this week with how “little” Microsoft has done to launch Windows 7.  Seems to have learnt the mistakes of the Vista and past hullaballoo and gone down the path of “less is more” and well-judged restraint. (though the Japanese haven’t been able to restrain themselves e.g. the Windows 7 Burger King burger).

 And, with expectations nicely calmed if not lowered to zero, the media’s response has been pleasantly positive. Few commentators have found much to complain about except the price and the fact that XP users – who hated Vista and were most enthusiastic about what Windows 7 would offer – have to pay the most to upgrade. 

Notwithstanding it’s been so low-key (actually overshadowed in the UK by much bigger stories e.g. Nokia suing Apple, nasty but thick right-wing politician on premier UK political chat show) the PR approach does follow the old maxim of the most powerful stories are Man bites Dog, not Dog bites Man in that Microsoft launches a (so far) Good OS rather than launching a Bad OS.



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