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Social networks affect your personal life more than you would believe December 3, 2009

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Looking at a groom posting a twitter tweet and changing his status of relationship at Facebook during the wedding ceremony in front of the altar I was wondering how far social networks really affect people`s personal life.  It must have been a bet, because I cannot believe the groom would do that just to update his friends. The fact that he is a software developer only shows that he is probably using the internet a lot, but not that Facebook is dictating his life.

This leads to a more philosophical question. Do social networks support the personal conversation or do they replace it already? Assuming that all the groom’s best friends were invited to his wedding he didn’t need to let other people know so urgently.

I think a lot of our personal conversation is about how we should communicate with each other. Everybody is different no matter how much technology is developing: some have never touched a mobile phone, some don’t ever write emails. We should accept and respect how much people are socialmediarised and deal with the new communication channels. Personally I would never let social networks or the mobile phone take over my personal life – even it was my wedding day.


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