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German IT companies expect 2010 to become a prosperous year January 11, 2010

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One of the hardest winters ever in Europe make people think about how to avoid going out in the cold, driving a car on slippy roads or even get stuck in the snow overnight. Even though in Germany only the Northern part was really affected by the weather the German Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) revealed that these temperatures will have an impact on the building sector including the suppliers loosing up to two billion Euros of added value.

Looking at other areas like the IT industry that are not so much affected by the weather German IT companies tend to be very positive regarding the future. Four out of five say even though the crisis is not over yet 2010 will be a prosperous year. The IT industry is a problem solver especially in a crisis: it helps the companies and at the same time saves them money. The growth is expected to be driven mainly by Germany and to some part from other ccountries in Western Europe followed by Asia and Eastern Europe.

Experts say that this development could be supported by the German government allowing tax reduction to support the research in order to make the German market more attractive. IDS Scheer, one of the market leaders in Business Process Management, is considering the IT sector as one of the stabilisers of the German economy.

And, once it has survived the winter the building sector will hopefully become stable again as well.

Bettina Joedicke

GBC Germany



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