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Mobile internet likely to outstrip the desktop February 8, 2010

Posted by kewroad in 2010 predictions, conversational PR, information technology, internet, mobile, pr, Uncategorized.

There is almost too much to blog about this week. Business Week  covered why are there not enough women at the top of IT companies, hmmm now let’s see – might it be because most need/want to juggle work and family and large IT brands just simply don’t have cultures that enable that to happen at board level?  Then, of course, there was  Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun’s resignation over Twitter. Given he was one of the first CEO’s to truly ‘get’ that blogging and other social media tools were a way of communicating directly with customers and sharing views about new products,  a resignation over Twitter seemed very appropriate.

However, perhaps what’s most exciting just simply because it’s about future trends is a Morgan Stanley report shared by Brian Solis which suggests that the mobile internet market will eclipse destop internet…sounds crazy but then it’s backed up by lots of strong statistics.  Apple provides marketeers with the ability to mine an entirely new channel to reach prospects and customers. Morgan Stanley also predicts that smartphones will out ship the global notebooks and netbook market as well as out shipping the global PC market.  Morgan Stanley sees three platforms demonstrating strong momentum – facebook, mobile and the web. It’ll be interesting to see what transpires over the coming years.




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