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Soon the proof of UK Newspaper Paywalls will be in the eating May 28, 2010

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This week is potentially very exciting for the newspaper industry. It marked the first stage in Rupert Murdoch’s plan to introduce pay walls for his UK newspapers

So the doubters out there that said consumers will never pay for news/content online may soon have to eat their words. It will cost £1 a day or £2 a week to view.

At the very least you can be sure people who need quality news and articles for work and business will be prepared to pay for it. And if News International makes its content truly valuable and different to all the other freely available material then of course, people will be prepared to pay.  Notably for the first time the Sunday Times will have a standalone website

Pay walls are not a new concept. Indeed Euromoney, the FT and the like have been doing it for some time. What’s different this time is that these others have allowed limited free access to casual browsers.  To do the job 35 additional new staff have been recruited to produce thesundaytimes.co.uk.

 I really hope for the sake of the newspaper industry, they can make this pay! But they will need to work harder on synchronizing their digital strategies though. In the same week the websites are relaunched, The Times became the second UK national to offer an iPad app. Great idea as the iPad finally arrives in the shops but pricing is problematic because if you want web access on your PC and on your iPad you have to pay twice. Surely this’ll be ironed out soon?


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