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Too Many PRs Spoil Measurement June 21, 2010

Posted by billyburnettgbc in conversational PR, first impressions, new media, pr, search engines, SEO.
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What do you get when you put the leaders of five global professional measurement and evaluation bodies and 150 delegates from the world’s top measurement companies and PR agencies together in one room? According to @Sean376, a pile of S#@t, and I completely agree.

As you may be aware, the above “experts” all met this week at the second European Summit on Measurement in Barcelona to produce the first global standard of PR measurement. This is something that has eluded the PR industry since its inception; with various initiatives looking to deliver a universal framework to no avail, but perhaps the problem is that there is not a one-size-fits all approach.

This may be seen as slightly cynical, but in my experience no client, campaign or PR agency has ever been the same and measurement is a somewhat customised tool. For example, a common task set to us as a PR agency is to support sales, but even this could be measured in a multitude of ways:

  • Website traffic (for example, using vanity url’s to track inbound traffic generated)
  • Brand awareness (increasing share of voice and awareness amongst customers)
  • Sales increase (taking into consideration other marketing activities)
  • AVE (it has its merits when speaking to the CFO)
  • Attendance to launch event (public/press/celebrity)

I could go on but you get the idea. I think the main frustration of this initiative is not that they are attempting the impossible, as I feel some standardisation or best practices should be established, but that in 3-days a total of 7 common-sense principles were drafted.

I look forward to the rest of the industry’s reaction, but in the meantime you can check out the seven key principles on the PRWeek website here, or for perhaps if you are looking for a satirical view then check Sean’s post here.


Is Google Chrome really so Shiny? September 3, 2008

Posted by kewroad in first impressions, google chrome.
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Chrome is making headlines worldwide but what’s it really like to use and does it match everyones high expectations?

After seeing the ‘Chrome comic book’ I spent the whole day waiting to get my hands on the first beta version and as soon as it was released I had it up and running at home.

First impressions? Well, I liked everything from the download experience (I remember how it took 30min just to get through to the website for Firefox 3 on the launch day), through to the simple installation and the colourful logo – which actually is very similar to Windows Media Player. Was that intentional?

What is shining? The design, colours, tab management, easy and understandable configuration, visual chooser of recently visited websites after opening a new tab and last but not least the address bar (named ‘Omnibox’) which is really helpful with its suggestions while not being intrusive at the same time – worked a charm for me. I also liked the way the ‘incognito mode’ (known as ‘private browsing’ in Safari) is introduced – with darker colour window and adequate graphics in the left corner.

What is less shiny? The browser seems ‘memory hungry’ – especially for my old laptop. There were some other minor glitches (scroll working one way, some Java applet display faults) but then again this is a beta.

The final impression? Chrome isn’t dazzling yet but when it becomes final and receives some decent add-ons sunglasses might come in handy.