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It’s only a game July 6, 2010

Posted by kewroad in Agency management.
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It never ceases to amaze me, particularly around World Cups, how much running a successful agency  is like managing a great football team.

So, for example, it’s no good having a team of star players if they don’t work well for each other.  Building a team around a couple of top talents most often only works for a game or two (or a season or two in league terms) before the star(s) lose their touch and often fall foul to ego (and in the case of footballers women apparently).  You need balance in the team.  Not all of them can be the hero striker  nor can they all just chase after the ball and hope for the best (ringing any bells here, England).  A great team works for each other built upon respect and understanding for the roles that they individually play.  And a lot of success is based on talent plus sheer hard work and practice, practice, practice.  The story of Beckham’s heyday free kicks goes a long way here.

It is also about evolution in the team and flexibility.  What may have worked one, three or five years ago changes as other teams’ change and tactics evolve.  I’m guessing Cappello should be taking note here too.

And the best thing about getting management insights by football is you get to watch a great game at the same time.  Try it and see.

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