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Apple: Victim of its own success? March 10, 2010

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Apple knows how to create hype around a new flagship product. Fact. Most apparent with the recent launch of the iPad, thousands of articles were dedicated to industry rumour and speculation around the name of the product, let alone a laundry list of features that were dedicated to showcasing possible designs and features. But, what happens when the hype outweighs the product itself?

This is a major challenge that Apple is now facing and with the launch of the iPad in the UK at the end of April, something they need to address quickly. Unveiled on January 27th, the media bubble quickly burst and subsequent polls found that the masses agreed.

Was this because the media had put too much hype behind the product, perhaps? One supporting point behind this is the string of videos, images and articles dedicated to ridiculing the name of the product itself. Even I find myself referring to the product on occasion as the iTab, but what can I say – I just preferred what the masses had come up with?

Even Apple fan boys have struggled to hide their disappointment; as a result this has resulted in another PR challenge for Apple – competitors are highlighting the product weaknesses with few product ambassadors to protect them and media keen to draw attention to them.

One such video was released yesterday by HP which highlighted the flash capability of the HP Slate and immediately captured the media’s attention:

Over the course of the next few weeks the Apple PR machine will be tested and how they react is likely to make or break the success of this product (and potentially a slight price discount).


Schmidt Splits from Apple & We get All Excited August 5, 2009

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Google CEO leaves Apple board dominates recent  business tech headlines. Can’t help thinking that the fact he’s been sitting on the board for so long is more of the story than his departure.

ChromeOS is cited as the conflict of interest that broke the camel’s back – and already some PRs are probably cooking up their Outbreak of the OS Wars themes. But why didn’t Android make waves over the board room coffee and canapes? 

Could the imminent return of Mr Jobs from sick leave have something to do with Mr Schmidt leaving my mutual consent? For sure Apple’s fierce control over every aspect of its technology is casting a cloud over its usually positive image. (I have always been bemused by how much Apple gets away with being nasty and proprietary compared to Microsoft) But picking a fight with Google is a battle of equals and probably healthier for the market than the cosy cross-industry friendship the two companies once had.