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Want to live forever? Social media could hold the key if you are not prepared September 28, 2009

Posted by andysephton in social networks.
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Social media, the buzzword of the moment, gives everyone the chance to create on online profile and share it with the world. This profile is your window to the public and whether you are a company or an individual it is becoming nearly impossible to control who accesses it and increasingly important to make sure they are seeing the right thing.

When managing our social media profile there are several issues to consider such as tone, key messages we want to put out there and who we want to see us. The area that is often overlooked is what happens to the profile after we are gone? (www.mydeathspace.com)

One of my colleagues decided to do a quick Google search on a potential LinkedIn contact before sending an invitation to connect, as it turned out the contact was unfortunately no longer with us as they had passed away. This got me to thinking about how we handle our social media profile; we plan for the now not the future. If something happened to you would anyone you know be aware of all your social media activity? Does someone have a copy of all your passwords? If not the social media space could be your key to eternal life as your profile continues on regardless.

This lesson is also applicable in the world of business. When one business acquires another are they making sure that all the social media activity of the acquired company is firmly under their control? When a company falls on hard times and has to close its doors do they make sure they are no longer showing up in the online world?

A social media profile is forever, not just for Christmas, and we need to be considering this in our strategy. You can have your social media strategy planned out to within an inch of its life, know where all your communication channels are and think you are putting out a unified message but people who have access to profiles that relate to your business but are no longer involved hold immense power.

The key is to make sure you do a complete social media audit on a regular basis, whether you are a company or an individual, to make sure you are the only one controlling your message. We also need to make sure that we keep an accurate record of activity and ensure that there are people out there who know what to do if the worst happens, living forever may sound great but there are better ways to be immortalised than by an out of date social media profile.