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When a tree falls in social media land… August 17, 2009

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As any fan of the hit series The Wire will know, you should never say anything over the phone that could incriminate you or the crew as anyone could be listening.  But did the Barksdale family ever educate their gang about the dangers of Twitter, Facebook and MySpace?

In April, The Sun exposed a brothel advertising their services and even offering discounts to customers on Twitter.  Whilst a burglar recently decided to taunt his victims on Facebook, leaving a series of messages on their profile page and signing off “regards your night-time burglar”.  But is it only the criminal underworld that needs some education on social media guidelines?

Social Media Eavesdropping

Status updates are no longer personal

Apparently not, as one disgruntled employee learnt last week when they were fired after branding their boss a “total pervy w***er” on Facebook.  Forgetting she added her boss to her network, he subsequently responded by firing her (via Facebook of course).  So should your status remain a politically correct commentary on your daily activities?

Darren Bent would possibly disagree.  Former Tottenham Hotspur and now Sunderland striker recently caused a storm on Twitter with a foul mouthed rant against Spurs chairman Daniel Levy in response to transfer speculation.

Bent was fined £120,000 for his outburst. That’s two week’s wages by the way and he subsequently got the transfer he wanted, benefitting from a pay rise and a transfer to a team where he would be better positioned to continue his career.

Therefore, does everyone need to become social media experts and analyse the likely outcomes of a status update before broadcasting it to the masses?  Possibly not, but the above events show that anything you are willing to share with your friends online, you must be willing to share with your boss, enemies and even the police as well.