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The internet now drives opinion not the print media October 18, 2009

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The furore since Thursday evening over the Daily Mail’s Jan Moir’s take on the death of Stephen Gateley serves to demonstrate that communications and opinion is no longer in the hands of journalists alone.  Twitter not only ‘breaks news’ – it also provides the facilitate to quickly garner masses of public opinion around news.   In the old days, a journalist would express a view and all that might happen is a letter from Mr Angry from Bournementh in the letters page the following week.   Many of might have wanted to comment but didn’t have the inclination to write a letter.  Not only does the popularity of Facebook and Twitter  now enable people to comment instantly but these social media tools also enable us to come together collectively, quickly and forcefully to drive comment and lead opinion.

Is this new wave of influential public opinion revolutionary? Well almost.  When before could a swell of opinion be expressed so quickly and powerfully? Long-term, this must have a positive effect on the old powers of the handful of media moguls who have long domintated the printing presses. Surely, long-term, it will be public opinion that drives the news agenda.  This new power of the people can’t be underestimated. Such was the rumpus caused by the Daily Mail article that the  newspaper lost significant advertising revenue. The mail had to remove adverts from big brands like Marks and Spencer, Nestle, Visit England, Kodak and the National Express. 

As the Observer recently reported, the print media is changing beyond all recognition and will never be the same again. We are currently living in a period of incredible change in communications and social media. No one really knows what the outcome will be, all that is for sure is that it won’t be the same as before. 

Sue Grant


what’s the future for the newspaper industry? March 23, 2009

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70 US papers have closed recently resulting in 5000 job losses and the latest victim, the Seattle PI, which was 150 years old has reduced its workforce from 120 to just 20 journalists now contributing to only an online edition.

Did the newspaper industry make a big mistake by so freely letting their content go online without considering first how to create long-term revenue streams?  It’s too late now but as print advertising revenues fall away dramatically and newspapers and publications are closing or reducing their staff to less than a third of what they once were – they are left scrabbling to sort out where revenue is going to come from.

The business models have to change. It’s likely that revenue will come from a range of sources rather than one and it could be a combination of digital advertising, part paid for subscription content and e-commerce partnerships.

Specific focus and knowing the target audience is key.  In fact, isn’t it also about establishing an ongoing dialogue with those audiences? Identifying who that audience is and then communicating with them as a community rather than simply a one way broadcast is essential. The old ways are dead. It will require change and fresh thinking from the media giants if they are to survive.